This past weekend, I traveled to Vienna, Austria. I had planned this trip before I even got to Copenhagen (something I do not recommend!!!)(I worked out all the details after the program at DIS started). This trip was emotional and short, but I am so happy I got to go. My great grandfather had lived… Continue reading Vienna

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Greenland in words

DISCLAIMER: I will not be writing about the social aspect of my trip to Greenland. That will be in another post when I synthesize those feelings into coherent words. It's been difficult to find words that feel right to describe my long study tour. In my Russian tutoring session today I broke it down to… Continue reading Greenland in words

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“Are there ticks in Denmark?”: short study tour day one

On my short study tour for Ice Cores and Ice Ages we traveled to Stevns, Denmark to see the chalk cliffs and a Cold War museum. The entire landscape on the way was gorgeous but the cliffs were literally breathtaking. We took a little hike down and around the cliffs to see the KT Boundary;… Continue reading “Are there ticks in Denmark?”: short study tour day one